Registration by Invitation: Because of space limitations and our desire to meet the needs of our students, participation is by invitation only. Registration information will be sent to invited colleges in mid May by our MISP Fair Registrar Christine Henken from The Blake School.

Admission Staff Representation: Please plan to send a member of your professional admissions staff. We believe this is essential to maintaining the quality of the MISP Fair. Alumni are not allowed to be the sole representative from your institution but can assist a professional staff member. See guidelines for more details.

Information for Admission Reps:  MISP FAQs 2017 

2018 Fall Dates:
September 23: MISP Fair at Mounds Park Academy
September 27-16: NACAC Conference
October 18-19: MEA - No school for students in Minnesota
October 24-25: Minneapolis National College Fair

Information for College Representatives